Payday Lending Claims

Payday Lending Claims

Are you due payday loan compensation?

Were you mis-sold a payday loan? Do you believe that you could potentially be due compensation? This may be the case if any of the below criteria are met.

  • You were encouraged by the payday loan lender to ‘rollover’ the loan, which triggered higher fees
  • You’ve had to borrow further loans to pay standard bills or repay the original payday loan
  • You now struggle to pay essential bills due to the payday loan costs
  • You’ve had repayments automatically withdrawn by the payday loan lender, resulting in you being unable to pay for critical needs
  • You were suffering from an illness, with either little to no income, when the payday loan was proposed to you

You may be eligible for a refund if you’ve taken out a payday loan in the last six years, you’ve rolled over that loan, or you’ve obtained multiple payday loans.

Claiming the payday money you’re owed

We’ll do the legal legwork required to get your payday lender to refund or write off your existing debts. 40% of our payday lending cases are successful. What’s more, it’s a no-win, no-fee service, meaning you don’t have to risk debt to make an affordability complaint.

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